Chapter 224: Personal Writing

Happy Monday!

So, today, I’ll be doing something different. I’ll be sharing a piece of my own personal writing, which is something that I’ve been nervous about doing. BUT I’m mustering up my courage and posting it anyway.

Let me know what you think? I’d love to hear your opinions. xxoo

Place Detail

            The dark, haunting stage loomed over the crowd, silencing their amplified screams of excitement. They stood there as a mob of grimy shirts, ripped jeans, a multicolor rainbow of hair and tattoos. As the flood lights flashed periodically on the crowd, blinding them with light, their piercings gave off shimmers and reflections from all different body parts. From the face there were ears, gauges, industrials, eyebrows, nose studs, septum’s, snake bites and medusas. As the crowd shifted and waited, they came together in a unified organization, the band that was about to play, linked them together with drum beats and guitar solos. The ground underneath was lined with shards of broken glass, cigarette butts, and wads of gums. The barrier at the front was lined with rods of metal, the gates that separated them from their heaven. The security guards were three deep; surrounding the stage, the bodyguards of society, to control the abnormality that created this chaos. The stage then lit up in red and blue, the screams of the crowd vibrating the instruments and the band with excitement. And then the band began to play, and the crowd in a parking lot in a little town became a part of history.