First Week On The Job (well, internship).

Happy Thursday!

So, before this week, I had never worked in an office. Sure, I worked during the summers, but it was either as a camp counselor or babysitting.

Babysitting is nothing like working in an office. The work environment is much more mature, with everyone going about their business with a sense of purpose and confidence. Enter me on my first day, 10 minutes late and dripping with sweat. While everyone was put together and polished, I stuck out like the intern I was.

Working in an office is not the most exciting job. I spent most of the week organizing papers and reorganizing binders, and today I worked on a spreadsheet. It’s not something most people would be excited about, and I am like most people.

However, despite the tedious work, lack of sleep, and occasional boredom, I’m not complaining. The company that hired me thought I would be good for the job, I get to explore the city I’m in,
and there’s a Starbucks right near me, which means lots of coffee, and people watching.

And since this is only week one, who knows what’s in store? Maybe next week, I’ll get to go on coffee runs for the actual employees.

So, what was your first internship/job, and what was it like?

Have a great day!