Story Sunday

Here’s a new segment that I am officially starting, “Story Sunday”.

I’ll be sharing my own writing, and I challenge you to submit your own work, and I will feature some each Sunday!

Here’s my first post, entitled, “Waiting At The Edge”

I was
along the edge of a ruined map
Watching all of the colors blur together
In shades of blacks and whites and greys.

Just waiting and
To the din the ocean makes,
to the crisp waves crash over the rocks
Making them smooth, making them better
Waiting for you to come along,
Or for anyone to come along.

It’s awfully lonely here, on this side of the ruined map
Waiting for a way to sail to the other side.
To a new adventure.

So please, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, and submit work of your own! Or write a follow up post and tell me about it! I can’t wait to read what you’ve written.


Chapter 280: The End & The Beginning

Happy Monday!

Today is the beginning of July! Wow, already halfway through summer vacation, which is crazy! It’s gone by so quickly, I can’t believe it. 

Today is also the end of the 31-Day Blogging Challenge. It’s gone by in a blink, and it’s all I’ve written about for the past month. It’s going to be weird trying to think of what to write now…yikes.


So, the final challenge is: “Why Do You Blog?”

If you had asked me this question back in the first few months that I began this blog, I’d say it was because I wanted a place to write out my thoughts and share them with people. And today, the reason I blog is still because of that. But now, there’s so many other factors to, it’s fun, it allows me to connect with others, it’s interesting, it makes me happy and excited. It’s a way for me to share my story with others, and allow others to share their stories with me. It’s a way for me to open up and explore new things. Blogging is my hobby, and it’s something I look forward to doing everyday. It’s connected me with friends and family, and has allowed me to expand on my original ideas.

My blog is an extension of who I am, and it’s so amazing that I get to share it with you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading what I have to say, even though it’s just the ramblings of an 18-year-old girl.

Now, at last, Day 31, and the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, is Completed! This is a bittersweet moment, and it’s been really fun!

So, why do you blog?

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 279: End Of June, Day 30 & Fun

Happy Sunday, and Goodbye June! 

This month has gone by so quickly, with the start of work, this challenge, and the beautiful weather! It feels like I haven’t been home for that long, but it’s been almost two months now, which is crazy! 

Today, I woke up to a beautiful view of New York, and then went to go meet some of my college friends to go to the NYC Gay Pride Parade! It was so much fun, despite the sweltering weather, and there was an insane amount of people that came out to celebrate! SO many fun costumes and colorful-ness. Twas a very fun day!

Anyway, only two more Challenge days! I feel like once I’m done, I’ll have to think of witty and creative things to write about…yikes.


Today is Day 30 (holy guacamole) and the challenge is: “What’s In Your Makeup Bag?”

Makeup, obviously 🙂

Here are a few major things I keep in my makeup bag:

  1. Eye makeup (Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow)
  2. Blush/Bronzer
  3. Foundation/Concealer/Powder
  4. Lip Balm/Gloss/Stick
  5. Q-Tips
  6. Primer

Those are a few things in my bag, although for specific things, I have extra items 🙂

Day 30 is Completed! Only one more to go, I’m excited! 

So, what do you keep in your makeup bag? And if you don’t have one, what would you put in one?

Have a great weekend! xxoo

Chapter 278: NYC and Day 29

Happy Saturday! I’m sorry for the super late post, but I’m currently in NYC with my family to celebrate my mom’s birthday!

Even though this is later, I still wanted to post today, as I’m still continuing with the 31-Day Blogging Challenge! Today is Day…29 I believe (I’m typing this from my phone, so it’s a little difficult to check, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct!)

The challenge is: “Where Have You Traveled?”

Lots of places! But a few highlights are…

1. California
2. New York
3. Florida
4. The Bahamas
5. London

So there are the highlights!

Where have you traveled?

Have a great weekend! xxoo

Chapter 277: Challenges, Days 28 & 10

Happy Friday! Woohoo!

First off, I’d like to wish my mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She’s my best friend, and I love her so much! Happy Birthday to the best mother a girl could have. xxoo

And now onto the challenges! 

Up first is the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, of which is today 28. Wow, three more days to go!


The challenge is: “What Are You Looking Forward To?”

SO many things! This weekend, I’m looking forward to:

  • Going to New York City to celebrate my mom’s birthday
  • Babysitting tomorrow morning
  • Going to the NYC Gay Pride Parade on Sunday (I haven’t been since I was a little girl, so I’m excited)
  • Seeing some of my college friends

Wow, this weekend I have a lot to look forward to! Day 28 is Completed 😀


The challenge is: If you wrote my blog what types are articles are missing or would you still like to see?

I would still like to see the same content, as I think you’re doing an amazing job! 😀

THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS, the New Challenge is officially completed!

So, there are two questions today:

  1. What are you looking forward to?
  2. If you wrote my blog what types are articles are missing or would you still like to see?

Have a great weekend! xxoo

Chapter 276: Challenges & Insert A Witty Title Here

Happy Thursday!

I’m honestly beginning to resent the titles I’ve used for the past 26 posts or so…they’re repetitive and boring, and I’ve grown quite sick of them. I still love the challenges though, so I don’t resent them, just my own laziness to come up with witty titles. 

Anyway, onto the challenges (*insert fanfare here*)

First up, the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, of which today is Day 27! Man, only three more days to go. 


The challenge is (*drumroll*): “Post Your Favorite Recipe”

Holy guacamole, I have so many! I can’t pick just one.

Um, first up are my Mom’s recipes for Chicken Soup and Peach Kugel (She makes them mainly for the Jewish holidays, and they’re amazing!). However, due to lack of digital copies/family secrets, I’ll be keeping them a secret for now. But trust me, they’re delicious.

But here’s one recipe I will share! I’ve never actually tried it, but I’ve been meaning to! It looks amazing, and quick. It is….MICROWAVE BROWNIES!


It looks extremely yummy, and I can’t wait to test it! 

Day 27 is now Completed!

Next up is the New CHallenge, of which it is the near end. Today is Day Nine, so it’s at the end now!

The challenge is (*more drumrolling*): If you had the choice between the last names Butts and Pecker what would you take?

The inner 12-year old just giggled reading this. With my name being Samantha, I’d probably choose Pecker. It’s not too terrible of a last name, I guess. Samantha Pecker…not too bad! Much better than Samantha Butts (I just giggled again writing that)

So, Day Nine is Completed! 

What’s your favorite recipe? 

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 275: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 26 & New Challenge, Day 8

Happy Wednesday (or Humpday, as it’s also called)

I feel like for the past few posts, that my titles have been exactly the same, except with number changing. It’s annoying really, because I feel like I’m boring you all. If I am boring you with these posts, please let me know! I’m almost done, don’t worry.

Only four more days to go for the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, so I’m in the final stretch!



Today’s challenge is: “An Old Photo Of You”

Wow, this is a pretty easy challenge, I must say! I’ll post a photo when I was really little, around three or four years old.

Here it is:

Samantha at 3


I was blonde when I was little, but now I have brown hair. This was taken on my back deck, and I’m not sure what the date is. But isn’t my bikini cute? 😛

So, Day 26 is Completed!

Onto the New Challenge, of which I only have two days left! Wow, the days flew by.

The challenge is: What is the most exciting place you have visited? Do you have a photo?

Wow, I guess I’ll be sharing a lot of photos today!

So far, the most exciting place I’ve visited is London, England. I went when I was 13, and it was an amazing trip, I had so much fun going there, and I can’t wait to go back one day!

And a photo: I don’t actually have one, at least, not a digital copy that I can share with you. Sorry about that!

Day 8 is Completed!

So, what is the most exciting place you have visited?

Hope you have a great week! xxoo



Chapter 274: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 25 & New Challenge, Day 7

Happy Tuesday!

I’m currently watching Senator Wendy Davis (Texas) conduct a 13-hour Filibuster, and while I’ve been watching her speak, I have seen how brave people can be when standing up for something they believe in. She’s extremely inspiring and motivates me to work hard for what I believe in as well.

Moving onto the 31 Day Challenge now, of which today is Day 25!


The challenge is “My Five Favorite Blogs”.

Damn, this is a challenging one. I follow so many amazing bloggers, and I feel that it would be simply impossible to pick only five. I think it would be unfair to so many other wonderful bloggers, so instead I’ll turn the question to you. 

Who are some of your favorite blogs? 

Day 25 is Completed! 

Onto the New Challenge, of which is today seven! Wow, only three more days 😛 

The challenge is: When was the last time you said “that is just my opinion? ” Was it necessary to label a thought as simply your own? Do you still feel that way now?

Oddly enough, I just said it while answering my the challenge question above. While I did not use those exact words, I did state that this is my personal opinion regarding the question. I feel that it was necessary to label the thought as my own, because my answer contradicts what the question is asking. I still feel this way, as I just discussed it. 

So, Day 7 is Completed! 

So, who are some of your favorite blogs? 

Have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 273: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 24 & New Challenge, Day 6

Happy Monday!

Today I’ll beging with the 31-Day Blogging Challenge. Today is Day 24, which means there’s only six more days until the challenge is completed!


Today’s challenge is: “Your Favorite Childhood Book”

“Green Eggs And Ham” by Dr. Seuss. It’s one of the first books my parents read to me, and even today, I love the book! It was also my favorite because one of the characters is named Sam, which is my nickname 🙂

So, Day 24 Completed!

Onto the New Challenge! Today is Day 6, which means there are only four more days until the end!

Today challenge is: What motivates you? What truly inspires you to physically push forward and work harder? Is it a movie, book, person, or quote?

A lot of things! My family, my friends, reading, writing, shows, movies, random things! I know that’s not very specific, but I’m very tired and unable to think properly at the moment. Please forgive me 😛

So, Day 6 is Completed!

What your favorite childhood book?

Hope you have a great week! xxoo

Chapter 272: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 23 & New Challenge, Day 5

Happy Sunday!

I spent most of my day at the beach, which was wonderful! I did get a bit sunburnt though, which is a little disappointing, but oh well! 

First up today is the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, of which today is Day 23. The days have passed by pretty quickly I must say!


The challenge is: “Your Dream Job”.

I have more than one, so I’m going to combine them all into one giant dream job!

My giant dream job would be a mother/psychologist/teacher/writer/traveler/guidance counselor/therapist/musician/photographer/artist/baker/astronomer/awesome person

Long list, I know, but how cool would it be if I could do all of those things! Not all at one time though 😛 Day 23 is Completed!

Onto Day 5 of the New Challenge!

The challenge is: What is more important, reading the knowledge left by others or leaving our own opinions behind?

Interesting question! I think both, because the knowledge left behind helps us to shape our opinions, which we leave behind for future generations. It’s like a cycle almost!

So, Day 5 is Completed!

What is your dream job (or dream jobs)?

Have a great week! xxoo