What To Do When You Come Back Home

10) Sleep. Sleep as much as you can before you have to return to your everyday life. 

9) Do your laundry, especially if it’s free for you to do. Most colleges require you to pay for your laundry, so I highly recommend doing it at home. 

8) If you’re going home for break, simply enjoy your time off. Make the most of it. 

7) Spend some time with family and/or friends, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while.

6) Take care of any work that you have to do. It’s best to get it done at the start of break, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

5) If you have a pet or pets, spend quality time with them! 

4) Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to buy your own food. Dig in (within reason).

3) Make sure to book appointments/attend those appointments! This is something I often forget to do. 

2) Did I mention sleep? Because I can’t stress the importance of sleep enough. 

1) Enjoy your break! Go outside, get comfortable, it’s going to be a good time. 


I Can’t Top Yesterday (And I’m Not Going To Try To)

Happy Tuesday!

When I wrote my post yesterday about feminism, I wrote it because I was frustrated, and I never expected for it to get the positive response that it did! So, thank you so much for your comments ūüôā I plan to do a follow-up post soon!

I had a crazy popular day on my blog yesterday, with over 100 views! In the 2 1/2 years I’ve been blogging, I’ve only had one other day like that, and it was so cool to see that a lot of you cared!

But it’s also crazy overwhelming. I wrote that post without editing or re-reading it. I just posted it and hoped people would like it. And they did.

And because of that amazing view day, I have writer’s block. I wish I could just quickly write another post for you all about feminism, and other topics I’m passionate about, but in my mind, I have crickets.

SO, instead of delving into a super-deep topic, complete with potentially controversial statements, I’m going to post a few thoughts that I have hopefully sums up my feelings about this crazy blogging world.

Hope you enjoy!


Passionate People

I think deep down, everyone has a passion.

I think we’re born with it, but we can spend our wholes lives looking for the best way to express it.

It’s life in its purest form, and once found, we can live the rest of our lives surrounded by it.

Maybe the purpose of our lives in general is discovering our passion.

¬†Maybe…I think that it’s to use our passion to better the lives of others.

 I like that thought, but I think the first step is discovering what our passion is, then what we can do with it to help, and once there, who and how we want to help with our passion.

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Happy Friday!

I apologize for not posting the past few weeks, it’s almost time for midterms, so my school work has been piling up.

In happier (and less stressful) news, today is my 2 year anniversary on WordPress! I can’t believe it, it’s been a great year of blogging, and this year will be even better, because I will get to share my adventures in Italy with all of you.

I want to take the time to thank all of you who like, comment, and read my posts, I don’t think I would have kept blogging this long without all of you. So, this 2 year anniversary post is also for you.

And don’t worry! I have a lot of ideas in store, and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Have an amazing day!


Chapters 177 & 178: Car Rides & Ideas

Happy Sunday!

Everyone gets stressed. Sometimes, that stress can pile up until you feel like you’re going to burst into tears. But sometimes, getting away from the problem(s), if only for a little while, can make you feel like smiling instead of crying. Just take a minute to walk outside, take a few deep breaths and just relax, because even if you’re still stressed, I¬†guarantee¬†you’ll feel a bit calmer.¬†

Even though I’m still overwhelmed by school and work, I realized that if I don’t get a chance to step away from it and relax, I’ll probably end up bursting into tears in the middle of class….which would be pretty hard to explain to my professors and classmates. So instead, when the going gets rough, I’ll try to take a break, listen to some music, watch a funny video…or just sit quietly for a minute to clear my mind. I’d rather finish everything knowing I did the best job possible, rather than running around frantically doing a half-assed job.

Hope you all have a great week!

Image xxoo

Chapters 148 & 149: Home Again

Happy Friday!

As the title says, I’m back home again, this time for Spring Break. It’s been pretty good, and I’m happy to be back with my family (and in my own room!). Even though I have some studying & other work over break, I’m still hoping I’ll get a chance to relax once I go to Florida.

Also, if I don’t post this upcoming week, or post infrequently, it’s because I’ll be in Florida, and my grandmas’ house doesn’t have the best Internet connection. I’ll try to make it work though!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Chapters 77 & 78: Time

Happy Tuesday!

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday, it slipped my mind, so I’m writing a double post today. Now that I’m on break, I have a lot of free time, which is great, but it feels like I’m wasting it. Maybe it’s because I’m sleeping more, and don’t have any homework to complete, but it still feels like I should be doing something productive. Hopefully I’ll figure out something soon.


Chapter 72: Packing Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Today was my last final exam, and now, my first semester at college is over!

I’m happy to be going back home for a month, and the amount of packing I just finished reflects that. But at the same time, I’m going to miss being with my friends, although I don’t think I’ll miss the work all too much.

So it’s back to my own room for a bit, sans my awesome roommate, but at least I’ll be seeing her soon in 2013!


Chapter 49: The Day Before

Today marks a pretty special day for students…the day before holiday break. This break is for Thanksgiving, and personally, it couldn’t of come at a better time. The attitude around campus is a ¬†bit lackluster, with all of the work, registering for classes, and dealing with upcoming finals. It’s been a stress-filled past few weeks, and even though this break is only for a few days, we all¬†definitely¬†need it.

What do you do for Thanksgiving? 


Chapter 25: Shopping Carts & Toys

Happy Friday!

Today, I had an excellent adventure with my friends at Target. We cracked jokes and made fun of our purchases the entire time, and while some other shoppers gave us odd looks, it was like we didn’t even notice that there were other people around us because we were having too much fun.

It was a great time, and it was a great way to blow off steam and get off campus for a little while. I could tell that we all needed a break from school, and going shopping was a way for us to get back to the outside world and just let loose.

ImageHope you all have an awesome weekend! xxoo

Chapter 15: Education Elation

As I talked about in yesterday’s post, I went back to school today after being home for a short break.

I’m also a bit lonely coming back, not only because I miss my family, but my roommate hasn’t returned back yet. While my room is like my second home here, it’s still always will feel a bit lonely every time have to sleep without anyone in the next across from me.

I expected things to change while I was away, but when I stepped into my room, it was like I had never left (except for the lack of clothes and the unmade bed). And that was an awesome sight to return to, knowing that I’ll always have my home with my family (and bed!), but to know that soon, this room…my room, at school will become my second home.

Happy Tuesday to all of you! xxooImage