Chapter 341: 19yearsyoung

Happy Sunday!

So, my 19th birthday is tomorrow, and I’m excited! It’s weird to think that a whole year has passed since I turned 18, and now I’ll be turning a year older, and (hopefully) another year wiser.

But fear not dear readers, my blog will not be changing! I considered changing my URL, but I figured doing that would be confusing and difficult to explain. So although I’ll be 19, the URL and title of my blog will remain the same!

Birthdays are something special, something that makes you feel happy and important, if just for those 24 hours. It’s scary to think about, because becoming another year older means having to grow up and become an adult. And sadly, since I’m not Peter Pan, I can’t avoid growing up!

So, what do you like to do on your birthday? 


Have an awesome weekend! xxoo