Chapter 59: Doctor Who?

Happy Thursday!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I adore British television (specifically, BBC). BBC happens to be the lovely home to my favorite, Doctor Who. Before my roommate had me start watching it, my life really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in regards to what TV shows I watched. But after I finally got caught up with the most recent series, I realized just how big of a fangirl (Whovian) I was. I’m addicted now, and as soon as I get home, will be sitting in front of the television watching BBC America until the 2012 Christmas Special comes out.

Hope you have a great Friday!



Chapter 48: Why I Watch British Television

I love BBC. There, I’ve said (well, typed) it. I adore the British Broadcasting Corporation, and all of their wonderful shows that entertain & ensnare my attention. It’s interesting to for me to watch these shows (not just because of the lovely accents), but because compared to American programming, they’re so refreshing and intriguing. And I do love to be intrigued.

Hope you all have a great week!