Chapter 255: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 9

Happy Sunday!

Today is Day 9! I’m almost at the double digits, so I’m excited 🙂


Day 9 Challenge: What Are Your Worst Habits?

I have a few. Probably more that I should, I’ve been meaning to break them 😛

They are:

  1. Biting my nails
  2. Talking quickly (pace of my voice)
  3. Leaving things around my room
  4. Forgetting things (not paying attention)

Those are some that came to mind. I probably have more, but I can’t think of them! Oh well, Day 9: Completed!

Do you have any bad habits? 

Have a great week! xxoo


Chapters 182 & 183: Waiting For The Other Shoe

Happy Friday!

Do you ever have that feeling that when things are going really well, that something bad is going to occur? It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop, to balance out the good things with the bad. Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel this way, and I could just sit back and enjoy the good things, but I also know that things don’t last forever, no matter how much we would like them too.

But even though I’m still waiting for the other shoe, for now, I’ll just try to relax and enjoy the good things before they disappear.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Image xxoo