Chapter 543: Questions

Happy Monday!

I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks, I had some personal issues I had to deal with, and that meant going offline a little bit. Fortunitely, those issues are beginning to get better, so hopefully I will start posting regularly soon.

I wanted to share a series of questions I typed up, and I wanted to get your opinions/answers to them! 

Here they are:

Is life a series of questions that we have no answer to?

Are we simply waiting for the end to come to help us understand?

What is it we’re supposed to do with our time and energy?

Do we just simply wait for something or someone?

Or do we take matters into our own outstretched hands?

Is it allowed to bite the hand that feeds us?

Or do we just eat what we are given without comment? 

Why do people always have to fight for something?

Cannot they not just let it go without an argument?

What is the point of fighting for something that cannot be won?

Is it pointless or building confidence for something in the future? 

Why do people always say to live in the moment?

And then moments later tell us to focus on the future?

Aren’t we confused enough as it is?

How is it possible to worry about the present and the future?

When all we focus on is the past?

Obviously, there’s no need to answer any of them, but if you want to, here they are.

Hope you have a great week. xxoo