Writing In The Prison, Week 3: Emotions

A few days ago was the three-week mark of my independent study, Writing In The Prison. This week, something that I noticed while teaching was how important emotions are conveyed through the writing that we do.

It’s not only the inmates writings’ that have emotional depth but ours as well. Every word we write, every story we tell is based on real things that have happened to us. It up to us to show the world what we want to say. What this means is that there can often be deeper emotions behind the words we write.

We’re given prompts to help us along in our stories, but everyone interprets those differently. For example, one of the prompts for this week was “write about an encounter with a bully.”  What I saw in the inmates writing was their real passion; they knew exactly they wanted to tell their story, emotions and all.

It’s because of this passion that I cannot wait to see what is in store for the rest of the class.

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4 thoughts on “Writing In The Prison, Week 3: Emotions

  1. Bianca S

    What a wonderful blog this is and I think it’s wonderful that you are giving inmates the chance to have their stories told and taking away many of the negative stigmas linked with them. Having a family member recently get out of jail I have been reading a lot on the subject and looking online (and at books) that can help me to empathize and relate more with what he went through. I recently read a really enthralling memoir about prison life by author Don Alfredano called “Real Men Wear Beige” (http://realmenwearbeige.com/). This book gives you a fascinating real life look at the criminal justice system as well as what life is like in state prison. The author manages to inject humor, insight, and deep emotions throughout his memoir. I couldn’t put it down. I think it would be a great book to add to this website and perhaps you might want to reach out to this author (his contact info is on his website). He is a musician too and might be a valuable contact for the future. Writing is the most wonderful form of therapy and I know it’s something I use daily


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