To Connect Or Disconnect, That Is The Question

Recently, I’ve been inspired to disconnect from electronics. For a little while at least. 

This past weekend alone, I spent over 12 hours staring at various screens,and it was draining. No matter how much I tried to relax and take a break, the screens were always there to lure me back in. 

Even now, I’m using my phone to write this very post. 

The first thing I do in the morning? Check my phone.

Going to bed? Check my phone.

Free time? Usually on my phone or computer. 

It feels like we as a society are glued to our screens, without realizing the repercussions. Instead of going to a library to look something up, we quickly type it into a search engine to avoid making any effort to try.

Human interaction? Why do we need that when we have the Internet to occupy our time?

Now I know this all sounds harsh, but when you really think about it, maybe harsh is the wake-up call we need to get away from our electronics and self-reflect. 

But before I disconnect, let me just Google ” best ways to self-reflect”. 


15 thoughts on “To Connect Or Disconnect, That Is The Question

  1. I often seem to reflect on society’s addiction to screens, but unfortunately I am also guilty of screen addiction. However, when I am with other people, the social contact allows me to break free. It’s the alone time or the work time where I can’t break away.

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  2. warpedmaggot

    i definitely relate. been feeling the need to unplug lately. in today’s fast paced society it’s hard to find some balance and use technology in general a little more wisely. brilliant piece, by the way! X

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