What To Do When You Come Back Home

10) Sleep. Sleep as much as you can before you have to return to your everyday life. 

9) Do your laundry, especially if it’s free for you to do. Most colleges require you to pay for your laundry, so I highly recommend doing it at home. 

8) If you’re going home for break, simply enjoy your time off. Make the most of it. 

7) Spend some time with family and/or friends, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while.

6) Take care of any work that you have to do. It’s best to get it done at the start of break, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

5) If you have a pet or pets, spend quality time with them! 

4) Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to buy your own food. Dig in (within reason).

3) Make sure to book appointments/attend those appointments! This is something I often forget to do. 

2) Did I mention sleep? Because I can’t stress the importance of sleep enough. 

1) Enjoy your break! Go outside, get comfortable, it’s going to be a good time. 


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