What To Do When You Haven’t Slept Well

10) Drink caffeinated beverages. A lot of them. Try drinking one cup for every hour you didn’t sleep. 

9) Blast loud music to wake you up. I find punk, rock or metal work well for this tip. 

8)  If possible, try to nap during the day. Catching up on the sleep that you missed is a great idea. 

7) Try to eat energy-boosting foods! But eating too many sugar-heavy  foods isn’t a great idea. 

6) Try to do relaxing activities. If you’re overtired, and running around, it can make you even more tired. 

5) Go to bed early for a few days if possible. Catching up on sleep is important. 

4) Try taking melatonin supplements if you’re really having trouble sleeping. 

3) Or eat foods that naturally have melatonin (like cherries)

2) Again, I cannot stress the importance of caffeine. But I’m also a college student who’s slightly dependent on coffee, so take this advice with a grain of salt. 

1) Try to get a good nights’ sleep as soon as you can! 

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