What To Do When You’re Having A Lazy Saturday

10) Catch up on reading/writing blog posts (like this one).

9) Bake/Cook (Example: I just baked 3 dozen cookies)

8) Take a nap. Naps are always essential on lazy days

7)  Drink several mugs of your favorite hot drink. I recommend hot chocolate.

6) Watch some of your favorite movies/shows. I personally enjoy binge-watching Netflix.

5) Contemplate doing work, but ultimately decide against it. It’s your lazy day, take advantage of it. (Special thanks to my friend Corrie for this tip)

4) Do lazy day activities. Puzzles, cards, reading, etc. 

3) Wear comfortable clothes, or no clothes at all! The true meaning of laziness. 

2) If you have access to a pet, cuddle with it. Pets are excellent lazy day companions. 

1) Enjoy! You deserve it. Now go continue your lazy day! 


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