What To Do When It’s A New Month

10) Try to remember what month it is. You may have forgotten. (It’s October)

9) Enjoy the season in which the new month is is. In this case, you get to enjoy the colorful season that is Fall!

8) If there are holidays that will occur during the new month. October = Halloween. (Yes, there are other holidays in October, but most people will connect October with Halloween. Also I just love Halloween)

7) For students (like me), you may have a fall break, and with that the opportunity go home. Enjoy your time, and make sure to bring home any laundry that you need to do. 

6) Break out your seasonal clothes. Also enjoy the change weather that the new month will bring. 

5) Find out about any promotions or deals that are happening this month. Very important if you are a student who lives off of Easy Mac, or you just like deals. 

4) Make sure to double check yourself whenever you write the new date. This is something I fall victim to often, so have a sharp eye. 

3) If you have a monthly calendar, time to change it! If you have a month-by-month planner, switch over to October. You’re welcome.

2) Go outside and celebrate the new month! There’s nothing better than exploring everything that October has to offer. 

1) Enjoy! And don’t forget to change your calendars, and your dates on paper! 


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