Tips For When You Want More Views 

10) Write shameless self-promotional posts (i.e., this one)

9) Know your audience. Write what they want to read.

8) Ask the readers what they want to read. Without imput, there is little reason to write this post. ( see tip 9)

7) Make it interesting/funny. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an interesting/funny person, just if your  writing comes across  as such. 

6) Make sure that your grammar is correct, and punctuation is used. Manners matter. 

5) BE INTERESTING AND EXCITING. Writing in all caps helps.

4) Try to think of things to write.

3) Drink some coffee, get up and stretch, you’ve earned it. Well done!

2) Make sure your audience is still reading. If you’re still reading this, congratulations!

1) Stop caring about how many views you get. If writing makes you happy, keep doing it. Write about anything and everything. Keep writing, no matter what your view count is. 


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