What To Do When It’s Monday.

10) Avoid everything and everyone. Mondays are not fun days.

9) Trick yourself into thinking it’s another day of the week (like Wednesday or Thursday)

8) Realize that despite trying to trick yourself, it’s still Monday.

7) Consume a large amount of caffeine. Your choice. ( Although I recommend hot chocolate)

6) If possible, take a nap. This will help you get over your Monday blues.

5) If taking a nap is not possible, you may end up falling asleep in a random place. Make sure to watch out for that. 

4) Eat energy boosting foods, because Monday has a way of depleting any energy you have. 

3) Distract yourself from the harsh reality that is Monday by wearing your favorite clothes, or jamming out to your favorite music

2) If possible, eat your favorite foods to kickstart your week. 

1) Sadly accept that it’s Monday, and go through the grieving process that occurs each week when Monday rolls around.

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