Tips For When You Go On An Adventure 

10) Take pictures of anything and everything. 

9) Share those photos with the people you went on the adventure with. If you went by yourself, share them with people you’d like to go on an adventure with. 

8) Wear comfortable clothes. Especially if your adventure is a long way away. 

7) Get lost sometimes. It’s always fun to get lost in a new place. 

6) If you’re driving, make sure you have enough gas. See tip 7.

5) Always keep a list of places that you want to explore/travel to. 

4) Make the most out of your adventure. It’s sometimes that you can only explore it once, so take it all in. 

3) Some adventures are supposed to be explored by yourself, and some are meant to be explored with others.

2. Turn off your electronics, even just for a few minutes. 

1. Take it all in. Go on an adventure. 

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