It’s The End Of The Year

Happy Wednesday!

It’s officially New Years Eve, and I am currently sitting on a futon surrounded by my friends. What more could a girl ask for?

Surprisingly, a lot.

New Years Eve is a time to reflect on our past year; both the highlights and the low points. But for the last six months, I’ve only been looking to 2015. And now that it’s finally here, I have no idea what to do with it.

People say that the new year is a time to make resolutions, but like most peoples’, mine will be broken before January is halfway over.

So I question the overall point of making resolutions that may not be kept, and instead offer this idea. Make your resolutions six months after, and see if they can be accomplished by New Years. That way, you can look back on the past few months with pride, rather than frantically rushing to come up with new resolutions the day before New Years Eve.

This year, I’ll be tipsily hugging my friends and calling my family to wish them a Happy New Year along with every other person across the world. In a few short weeks, I’ll be jet setting to Europe to study abroad in Italy for the semester. And in the fall, I’ll be beginning my senior year of college. So far, 2015 seems to be shaping up quite nicely, even without my own resolutions.

So to whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, I wish you a Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. And I look forward to blogging with you in 2015.


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