Texas Plans to Execute a Schizophrenic Man Who Tried to Subpoena Jesus

I found this case really interesting, and I personally think he should not be executed, based on his mental health and capacity. Thoughts?


In 1992, Scott Panetti shaved his head, dressed himself in camo and fatally shot his in-laws in front of his wife and daughter. Afterward, he put on a suit and surrendered to police.

At his trial, Panetti wore a cowboy costume and acted as his own lawyer, waiving his right to counsel. He applied for 200 subpoenas that included John F. Kennedy and Jesus Christ. He asked prospective jurors whether they had any Indian blood in them. His opening statement referenced demons. And he referred to himself as Sergeant Iron Horse when he confessed to killing his wife’s parents. It wasn’t Scott who killed them, he said. It was Sarge.

Panetti’s defense appeared to be that of a seriously ill man. And by most accounts, he was. First diagnosed with early schizophrenia in 1978, Panetti had been in and out of a dozen mental hospitals over 14 years, regularly determined…

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4 thoughts on “Texas Plans to Execute a Schizophrenic Man Who Tried to Subpoena Jesus

  1. I’m surprised they allowed him to stand as his own counsel considering his mental state. I’m assuming they tested him competent? That said, mental illness is not a free pass to commit crimes without consequences. I agree he is ill but think he should pay for his crimes regardless of his illness.


    1. I agree, however, due to his mental state, I do not believe that he should be executed via the death penalty. I am also surprised that the court allowed him to stand as his own counsel, however, I do not know the inner proceedings of the cade.


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