I Can’t Top Yesterday (And I’m Not Going To Try To)

Happy Tuesday!

When I wrote my post yesterday about feminism, I wrote it because I was frustrated, and I never expected for it to get the positive response that it did! So, thank you so much for your comments 🙂 I plan to do a follow-up post soon!

I had a crazy popular day on my blog yesterday, with over 100 views! In the 2 1/2 years I’ve been blogging, I’ve only had one other day like that, and it was so cool to see that a lot of you cared!

But it’s also crazy overwhelming. I wrote that post without editing or re-reading it. I just posted it and hoped people would like it. And they did.

And because of that amazing view day, I have writer’s block. I wish I could just quickly write another post for you all about feminism, and other topics I’m passionate about, but in my mind, I have crickets.

SO, instead of delving into a super-deep topic, complete with potentially controversial statements, I’m going to post a few thoughts that I have hopefully sums up my feelings about this crazy blogging world.

Hope you enjoy!


Passionate People

I think deep down, everyone has a passion.

I think we’re born with it, but we can spend our wholes lives looking for the best way to express it.

It’s life in its purest form, and once found, we can live the rest of our lives surrounded by it.

Maybe the purpose of our lives in general is discovering our passion.

 Maybe…I think that it’s to use our passion to better the lives of others.

 I like that thought, but I think the first step is discovering what our passion is, then what we can do with it to help, and once there, who and how we want to help with our passion.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Top Yesterday (And I’m Not Going To Try To)

  1. oldpoet56

    I agree with you Ma’am about passions in life that they are good for the inner self. Unfortunately so many people today are only passionate about their own selves with no caring at all about anyone else.


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