To Tell the Truth?

So, the story at the beginning of this piece is actually about me. I found it too good not to share 🙂 xxoo

Burb Man: Tales, Tasks and To Do Lists from the Trenches of Suburbia


As we sat in the movie, just us, no kids, my wife’s cellphone began to vibrate. I continued to watch the movie.

My wife, who had left the theater to take the call, quickly came down the aisle and motioned for me to leave. I flew out the theater doors, still clutching my over-sized popcorn.

“Samantha is in the hospital. We need to get to Hartford now!”

As we left the theater, still holding the popcorn, my wife explained that my 17-year old daughter who was at an outdoor concert, had fainted from dehydration and they had taken her to an area hospital.

As we sped like parents whose hearts and minds were on fire, we ran through every scenario in our heads. Could she be drunk? Did she get high? And of course, who did this to her? The blame blasted through the car with the maxed-out air conditioning.

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2 thoughts on “To Tell the Truth?

  1. Yes, it is about you at the beginning and really all about you and your sister the rest of the way down. Being honest with the two of you is the most important thing I can do. The good and the bad. Though mostly good, I think. I am pretty sure it’s all been great for the four of us.

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