I Constantly Think I Have A Psychological Disorder (I Don’t)

Happy Sunday!

I know the title of this post sounds odd, but bear with me.

First off, before I start my whole post, I should probably mention that I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. That being said, my fears about having a psychological disorder are somewhat valid, so don’t just read that last sentence and then tune me out. So here we go.

Hi, I’m Samantha, and I sometimes think I have an undiagnosed psychological disorder.

As a Psychology major in college, I learn a lot about different psychological disorders and how they affect people. However, in my studies, I never realized that my age bracket (18-24), have some of the highest risks for psychological disorders, meaning from the time we start college, to past when we end, we’re constantly at risk. After taking certain classes that talk about these issues (specifically Abnormal Psychology), it can be worrying for some to think about what we learned in class, and how it could apply to their own lives.

For example, I have several friends who are currently at college with me who suffer from different issues (anxiety, OCD, etc.), and I’m constantly asking them questions about their lives and how they deal with different issues. Sometimes I can come off as annoying, but most of them try their best to answer my inquires with some humor and kindness, which I’m very grateful for.

While I know other factors go into having a psychological disorder (i.e., family history, environment, etc.), it’s still terrifying to know that in the next few years, something could shift in my chemical makeup, and I could potentially have a disorder. Some people think that I’m a little neurotic about this type of thing (and they’re right), but it’s a topic that often keeps me awake at night. It’ll probably keep me awake for a few more years as well, but for now, I’ll have to rely on my classes and psychology textbooks to keep me in check.

Normally, I’d ask a question about the topic, but since this is a bit of a sensitive one, I’ll just ask you what you think, and if you have anything that you can relate to!

Have a great Sunday.



12 thoughts on “I Constantly Think I Have A Psychological Disorder (I Don’t)

  1. walttriznastories

    My way of thinking, there are few out there who do not have some type of psychological shortcomings. The secret is to be in that group we call ‘normal’, i.e. the majority.


  2. henahasan

    I’m also a psychology major. I just think that humans aren’t perfect and most of us have just the maximum amount of insanity and awkwardness to be called normal. So if you happened to suddenly recall a list of groceries out loud. It doesn’t mean your a psycho person who talks to themselves. I also think it’s not something to worry about. But I’m going to be mean and say that the brain has such an incredible undiscovered power that if you probably start thinking too much about this you are going to start believing you have something and end up having it. Now of course, I’m going to make you worry and think about it more. Sorry.


    1. Hi, please don’t be sorry! I agree with what you’re saying, most of the time when I’m worried, it’s because I’m overthinking or stressed about something. I think there’s a large spectrum for what can be considered “normal” and “abnormal”, and every individual falls somewhere different on the spectrum. So maybe some of the things we do (i.e., talking out loud about random things), can be considered normal by someone elses’ standards! It’s an interesting way to look at the situation 🙂 xxoo

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  3. I honestly believe everyone has something that would be considered psychologically abnormal but that doesn’t mean much. it’s only when it becomes pathological and makes our lives difficult that it becomes an illness/disorder rather than a quirk of nature. For example, I have OCD and GAD, but the OCD is now under control to the point where I don’t think of it as a disorder any more, just an annoyance. The GAD however is still having an impact on my life so it’s still a disorder. I hope that makes sense.


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