Happy Wednesday!

I think as a society, we have lost some of our social graces and manners. Particularly my generation. I try to always be as polite as I can, but sometimes it’s hard to be on my best behavior! Today, whilst getting lunch, I was about to open the door when a woman on the other side with her arms full pushed past me, and then glared at me when I didn’t open the door for her!

How I can I possibly have time to open the door when you’re pushing past me to get out?!

Manners are something that should be taught and respected, but lately, it feels like they are being cast off without a spare glance.

What do you think about manners in todays’ society? Let me know!

Have a great (and well-mannered) day!


7 thoughts on “Manners

  1. People aren’t as patient as what I would remember. The rushing state we are in leaves very little to manners or respect even.
    If she/he was pushing through It would be her own doing. Pretty sure if she smiled a little you would have opened the door for her. but it was her who was in a hurry. So don’t let it get to you.
    like communication, common courtesy is becoming a skill. But we keep hope we all will learn one day.


  2. There is virtually NO patience left in Western Society…which is a real shame, because a lot of truly magnificent things, from business industries to social movements, blossomed and exploded as time progressed! One of the reasons I’m so excited to study abroad in Florence this upcoming semester is that the pace of life is MUCH different; one significant Italian cultural practice is that of “dolce far niente” or “sweet doing nothing.” How magical!

    As far as manners–I think to a certain extent they are helpful in promoting good faith between different individuals, communities, and nations. I mean, it’s better than killing each other Game of Thrones style! At the same time, when you want to help others and they blatantly shove you to the side, THEY create their own self-fulfilling prophecy of, “No one ever helps me” (e.g. opens the door for me, carries my bags, etc). And then it comes true! All we can do individually is be compassionate and hope the next person will be a bit more appreciative. 🙂


    1. I agree completely! While there are many benefits in the advancement of technology, it also has some drawbacks, like diminishing our social graces! I am interested to see if there is any difference when I also study in Florence, and other parts of Italy.

      And I agree, killing people (like in Game of Thrones) doesn’t solve anything, it just leaves people dead 🙂 People sometimes need to take a step back and focus on what’s going on around thwm. xxoo


  3. First of all, I like how you start your posts with wishing readers a happy day, this is very well-mannered.

    Polite people are being taken for granted, I mean, when you’re nice to others and always spreading thank you’s and please’s, people tend to think of you as humble and lunatic, they don’t understand that a man is merely a reputation. Nice post. 🙂


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