People Who Are On The Same Page

Happy Friday!

The other day, I had an awesome conversation with a friend about life, emotions, blogging (!), and I realized a few things. 

Humans are not just one thing, meaning that we aren’t always happy, or calm, or kind. We express so many emotions on a daily basis, and sometimes those emotions surprise us in their intensity, and how other react to them. For example, if a person is usually pretty friendly and happy, but one day they aren’t, it can alter their interactions with people. People always think that if a person is usually happy, they will almost always remain that day. But life can’t be lived one way, there are so many ideas and emotions that make up an individual, and just because someone sees how you are on the outside, it doesn’t mean that you feel the same way inside. We’re more complex than we think we actually are.

My friend also has a fantastic blog, and I hope his posts interest and inspire you like they do me!

So, what do you think about humanity, and the emotions we express, let me know!

Have a fantastic Friday!


6 thoughts on “People Who Are On The Same Page

  1. Everyone is different, and that is what makes the world go around. I can definitely relate to appearing great on the outside, but being very stressed on the inside with pressures as to prepare to graduate and head out into the academic job market.


  2. Talia Trackim

    I love what you wrote. I think we always need to consider that there is always so much more to a story. There are always thoughts and feelings behind a placid face, things that we may never be able to feel nor understand. For that reason, I think we need to remember to stay open-minded and accepting towards others.

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  3. Of course, you know my views on this matter, my dear Sam. 🙂 But I think that all of us are incredibly complex, multi-faceted individuals; after all, that’s how we form our identities! I also believe that each one of us has a “baseline” emotional point, so to a certain extent we can see how those around us–family, friends, colleagues–will express themselves in different situations. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that there’s more to life/people than “surface pleasantries.” Living is messy, and so are emotions…and that’s a beautiful thing.


    1. Haha indeed I do Chris! And after reading your comment, I have to agree, life is much more complex than we think, and we are everyday learning new things about ourselves as humans, and occasionally, that sparks new emotions within us. Just because an individual appears one way on the surface, doesn’t mean that they feel that way truly on the inside! xxoo 😀


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