Chapter 543: Questions

Happy Monday!

I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks, I had some personal issues I had to deal with, and that meant going offline a little bit. Fortunitely, those issues are beginning to get better, so hopefully I will start posting regularly soon.

I wanted to share a series of questions I typed up, and I wanted to get your opinions/answers to them! 

Here they are:

Is life a series of questions that we have no answer to?

Are we simply waiting for the end to come to help us understand?

What is it we’re supposed to do with our time and energy?

Do we just simply wait for something or someone?

Or do we take matters into our own outstretched hands?

Is it allowed to bite the hand that feeds us?

Or do we just eat what we are given without comment? 

Why do people always have to fight for something?

Cannot they not just let it go without an argument?

What is the point of fighting for something that cannot be won?

Is it pointless or building confidence for something in the future? 

Why do people always say to live in the moment?

And then moments later tell us to focus on the future?

Aren’t we confused enough as it is?

How is it possible to worry about the present and the future?

When all we focus on is the past?

Obviously, there’s no need to answer any of them, but if you want to, here they are.

Hope you have a great week. xxoo


22 thoughts on “Chapter 543: Questions

  1. Deep questions. I have no idea the answers to them.

    I just live life day by day and do the best I can to learn from the past, the good and the bad. 🙂 It will all make more sense when you get to be in probably your 30s. At least that is what happened for me. The 20s was a time to learn and grow. 30s was an eye opener and you begin to see what the past was in more mature eyes. The 40s have so far been the best because I feel I know where I want to be and know I have grown. 🙂


      1. Thank you. Oh, enjoy each day. 🙂 Learn, learn, learn. 🙂 Keep writing. 🙂 I wish I had been writing at that age. I stopped when I graduated from high school and wished I had not. Now I am writing again, so that is all good. 🙂 Have a great day.


  2. Seán Cooke

    Great to see you back! I was wondering where you’d disappeared to. Hope everything is okay and continues to get better. 🙂

    As that’s a hell of a lot o’ questions, I’m wanna leave some yes/no answers and if you want me to elaborate further on any or have a chat about them you can reply to the comment or email me (emails on my ‘contact me’ on my blog. 😀 Been through a fair bit in life myself and know the value of an outside perspective and a ramble, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. 🙂

    As for the questions…

    No; No; So many things, but mostly what makes you happy; No; Yes, but the hands don’t need to be outstretched, sometimes you can make other hands stretch for you; Yes; No; Arguments are a result of the modern world and a disgusting one at that; Everyone values their opinion highly, so clashing ones don’t match well; No, it’s always key to build towards something; Living in the moment is foolish because then you don’t value any of it – the past, present and future all hold unexplored values and truths (that’s for the bunch at the end). 🙂


  3. Johnny Ojanpera

    Use it wisely
    Because of unanswerable questions
    There’s not
    Because you can’t fix the future
    It’s both
    Only take notes and lessons from th past.
    🙂 There, someone answered.


  4. you know these awards that are sometimes passed around WordPress and there are some naff questions you have to answer as part of your ‘acceptance ceremony’: I think you should invent a new award (the Congratulations: You Are 18 Award! … or something; oh, the 18 Years Young Award!!!; the 18 Award!; the AH Award (as in both ‘aghhh’ and ‘ahhh’); shall I stop, now) awarded to any blog which offers answers (or consolations) about life over 18 in any way (so, pretty wide), create a cool badge for it, and as part of the ‘acceptance ceremony’ they have to answer any THREE of your questions to your smile and satisfaction and nominate three others for the award to be forwarded back to you!



  5. Some very deep and profound questions and a philosopher would have a field day on those.And one could argue a lot about that. But it is about what you think yourself

    I see life as a constant learning curve.No questions just answers, to make me the best person I in my heart can be. Maybe I understand it wrong.But the end won’t help with that. So I do not wait I try to make things better for those around me.
    Do I bite the hand that feed me, sure if i disagree with it.

    And so we speak up, not saying we are right is the right way to go. But still fighting for what you belief in. Nobody is right and we are all wrong. So come forth with what you think is right and respect the opposite as well and move on. (wishful thinking)

    We do not fight to win.or should not. We should show our best and inspire others to be better. A future is unsure, but today we live. ANd we do that with a smile. knowing we are the best we can be today and be better tomorrow

    I said in a thought of the day.
    That today is a present from the past for tomorrow.
    And worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. makes your forget to live today.

    And that is pretty much the answer of this old fart 😀 of how i live today without regrets of yesterday.


  6. Gosh–these are such deep questions! I think I’ll tackle the past-present-future debacle. When I’ve heard “Live in the present moment,” there are times I wanted to shake someone and say, “BUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? I’M FREAKING OUT OVER HERE!” And then I’d eventually get angry and cry, and once the dust settled I felt a whole lot calmer. It’s almost as if once the emotional tidal waves passed, I could finally “be” and take life one minute and moment at a time.
    Psychologists have talked about the state of “flow” that people achieve when they’re totally into something, whether it’s performing a surgery, catching a gnarly wave to surf, or singing on stage. I think that is a particularly fascinating and exciting discussion, because scientists have proven that you HAVE to be “in the present” in order to experience flow. If this is the case, then people might be closer to experiencing the “Be here, be now” Zen Buddhist maxim of living in the moment.
    And of course…taking time to just breathe and be is important, too. A great therapist once told me that, “We are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS.” That was pretty profound for me…we can just embrace the totality of who we are, in there here and now, even if that’s messy. I can just breathe and move gracefully and fluidly into the next phase of my life.


    1. Hi! First off, thank you so much for commenting! I agree with your thoughts about the past-present-future, its always so frustrating to have someone tell to “just live in the moment”, because there are so many other things to worry about! Sometimes it’s best to just take a deep breath and refocus, otherwise you would drive yourself crazy worrying!
      Surprisingly, I haven’t heard that much about the concept of “flow”, but I’m interested in how it can be applied to our own lives! I’ll look more into that in the future.
      And taking time to breath and wind down is so important, and I think sometimes people are so caught up in what they have to do, they forget to remember to cool down first! Life can be hectic, in any tense, but if people forget to take time to relax, it wont be as enjoyable.


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