Chapters 463 &464: Weight

Happy Friday!

Weight is something that has become an issue in my life, and I’m frustrated. With the societal expectations and pressure, it’s relatively easy to see why people are so stressed out about it. We bash anyone who looks too heavy, or looks too thin. We promote being healthy and treating your body right, but we don’t help to inform people that there are safe ways to do it.

I just hate that the idea of what someone weighs matters so much. Why can’t it just be a personal thing that’s left alone and left up to the individual to decide? Why do other people have to offer their advice and opinions, even when they’re not wanted. The people closest to you say that they “know best”, but if they have all of this information, why don’t they better themselves with it?

I guess I’m just annoyed about this. Weight is something I have to work on in 2014, but so far, it’s not getting off to a great start.Β 

Have a great day!



36 thoughts on “Chapters 463 &464: Weight

  1. With weight, my general policy is: don’t listen to other people. If YOU are happy with yourself, great! If you want to change your weight: cool, that’s your thing, go do it, and find a healthy way to do so. Unless weight is a legitimate health concern, I think people should stay out of each others’ business.


  2. Happy Friday πŸ˜€ keep smiling over there.
    And what does it mean to be healthy. Who says that a curvy (in my opinion sexier woman) cannot be healthy.
    God the story about you have higher risk. yes but right now i a fine healthy and happy.. Do not listen to others. Be happy and have fun doing what you want do not do because you have to.

    Says the over weight crow. Who does not have much stamina but is happy about himself. having fun doing a hour bicycle ride a day. and you are right if they know so well why they big or having love handles.

    So keep smiling be you.


  3. Hi..Focus on being healthier, instead of losing weight. I love to eat sweets, but also know that I need to moderate my intake and exercise when I can. But yes it is something one needs to be thoughtful of everyday. Some days are good , others not so much, but keep going. Thankfully in my country the pressure is not so much. But then again maybe you are better off than the French πŸ™‚


  4. I also have struggled with weight ALL my life, over weight since about 8 years old. But, I was always happy and had many friends. When you are young, it isn’t as important. In high school, the pressure was horrific. I lost weight by starving myself. Not good, then slowly gained it back after having kids and getting older. Then I got to the point where I was just heavy and happy. I exercised, ran everyday, and tried to eat right, but couldn’t slim down. Just a fact of life and genetics. Now, I’m in my 60’s. I just lost 40 pounds, but not in a good way. I couldn’t eat or sleep. My husband was cheating on me after 38 years of marriage, and left me for, yes you guessed it, a younger, thinner, over-tanned slut. BUT, I am strong and will survive. Happiness come from within. It is a new year, a new life. I wish you great happiness and success. Baby steps… A little at a time. Happy new Year!


  5. Don’t worry about it. Just live. This post brought to mind my sister, who became plagued with anorexia due to public opinion and societal taboos. It infuriates me to this day the way people throw out opinions. I have learned to accept the fact that sometimes people just suck. Give yourself a smile. You matter.


  6. I know what weight is and was. I was close to three hundred pounds at five foot six. High blood pressure and diabetes were around the corner. I had a stroke which did not kill me but it was tough. It was twelve years ago. I lost a hundred pounds. Lost the high blood pressure and avoided the diabetes. For sixty eight I am pretty good for a near dead man. My suggestion to you is simple. Drop the salt from your diet. It is the worse plague to mankind. If you want a few more tips let me know. I understand how tough it is. But the pain is worse if you ignore the problem. Sincerely, Barry


  7. hah .. regarding weight ,I am luckily skinny by birth πŸ™‚
    Yes i know i need to put on some weight but that’s actually a very hard thing for me.People always talk about loosing weight but Alas no tips for gaining some pounds.
    Anyways, I just found your blog today and I like it. πŸ™‚
    Following your blog.


  8. “We promote being healthy and treating your body right, but we don’t help to inform people that there are safe ways to do it.”

    So true! There is so much misguided information out there. I too have struggled with issues with weight for some time. For all the diets, tricks, and fads out there, there has been little in the way of genuine information that gets to the heart of it all and feels accessible.

    For me, I found that stress and the ways I used food to cope was a biggie. Once I figured that part out I worked on ways to help relieve stress that did not involve food. Meditation and tai chi helped a lot in this regard. It was all baby steps though. The best thing I did for myself was banish the notion that I had to be perfect yesterday. It then became about stress relief, then adequate portion sizes, incorporating more vegetables, and using dark chocolate to help curb some of the cravings, it was all little stuff, but it added up to make a big difference over time.

    However, none of this will replace the most important piece of this journey… Loving yourself. πŸ™‚

    Best of luck on your journey!


  9. In many cases it is a simple choice as to whether one enjoys overeating, or a fashionable figure more. The majority opt for the pleasure of eating A less food and more exercise life would only be better if it were more fun than gorging – and gyms and the like havn’t got that right yet.


  10. Chris

    Weight is absolutely one of the touchiest subjects out there; kudos to you for expressing yourself and writing about it. It’s all a matter of personal reflection: if you feel losing weight will make you feel healthier and improve your quality of life, than go for it. But regardless of whether you’re obese, skinny, or somewhere in between, you’re fucking beautiful exactly as you are, and haters need to step off if they think they can “fix” you. It’s not their place AT ALL.


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