Chapters 417 & 418: Stressed, But Happy

Happy Monday!

Have you ever had times where you’re just so busy, that you have to find the time for little things? Sleep becomes a thing of the past, as does seeing family and friends. Well, this is the idea of what will be my life for the next few weeks, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Not because I’m going to have a ton of work, but because I’m actually going to spend my time productively (hopefully), and once I’m done, I’ll be free for a month.  I’m going to be unbelievably busy with work for the end of the semester. But at the same time, I’m making sure to spend time with friends during the weekends, and spending time with my family for Thanksgiving. Because what good is being stressed, if you don’t have anyway or time to relieve it? At least for a little while.

So, I’m stressed, but couldn’t be happier to be. 

What stresses you out? 

Have an awesome week!


Quote Of The Day: Nobody gets to be you, except you. Nobody has your point of view, except you. Nobody gets to bring to the worlds the things that you get to bring to the world – uniquely get to bring to the world – except you.” – Neil Gaiman 

14 thoughts on “Chapters 417 & 418: Stressed, But Happy

  1. Try not to lose control over the pressure, when you feel that it’s too much, leave the books on the table and go for a walk, or ride a bicycle. Try to sleep well at night for at the next day have the force to study, or do home works, or projects, or whatever you need to do.

    By the way, nice quote of Gaiman. Did you read Sandman ? Is a comic that Gaiman wrote, and one of the best representatives of what a good comic can be. Highly recommended.

    Much love. Hugs.


  2. Not a lot stresses me out…slow talkers do and the ones that repeat themselves even though you tell them that you have heard the story before. Thankfully there aren’t any of them around my adopted home so this pleases me. Also those people that say something bothers them and then point out that it isn’t at the moment…them and hypocrites.


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