Chapters 372 & 373: Anniversary & Friday

Happy Friday!

I’m happy today because yesterday was my 1 year blogging anniversary on WordPress, and I’m happy I get to share everything with you all because you are absolutely amazing people. Thank thank you for caring about me and supporting me throughout the past year, and here’s to many more years of blogging!

I’m also happy because today is Friday, and that means its almost the weekend. Even though I have midterms coming up coming up I’m still excited to hang out with friends.

What do you like to do on Fridays to kick off the weekend?

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo


26 thoughts on “Chapters 372 & 373: Anniversary & Friday

  1. Happy “paper” anniversary for your blog!

    On Fridays, I finish the work week with student tea in my department, and follow it up by going to Northwestern Hillel for Shabbat services. Tonight, I’m giving the D’var Torah (which will be up on my blog at 19:00 tonight–thank goodness for the auto scheduler!)


  2. I was going to go into Bath to grab a book for my reading list, but I’ve caught a seriously bad cold, causing me to become a walking snot factory. So will just stay warm, and rest up 🙂


  3. Friday evening is the busiest, but nothing short of fun. I write my blogs for the weekend so i can enjoy the weekend in a relax manner. And if i don’t oh well i just enjoy myself.
    Happy anniversary Got a long way to go from the 7 weeks i am at now before i hit a year.


  4. Congrats on the Bloggiversary (hey, that’s my version, and I’m sticking to it!).
    Trouble with weekends is that by the time one has got round to saying delightedly, ‘Hey, it’s the weekend!’ – it isn’t!


      1. It’s the BOMB! Especially a moon lighted night riding in our arroyo’s. Wish you were here to go with me! Thank you also for being a GREAT follower on my blog! I am bless to have you… Kiss Kiss


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