Chapters 370 & 371: October

Happy Tuesday!

And a very happy October to all of you! Only 30 more days until Halloween, which happens to be one my favorite holidays of the year!

October is an interesting month. It’s the beginning of fall, and it seems like everything begins to fall into place. The leaves change, the weather gets cooler, and people dress warmer. October is the beginning of the winter months, and we hold onto it dearly before the weather truly chills. Fall represents so much more than the seasons changing, it represents how we change as the season come and go, and what we choose to do while we are in them.

And you thought I’d be discussing the government shutdown, didn’t you? Well, I was planning to, but I figured this would be a lighter topic to discuss for today.

So, what is your favorite season, and why? 

Have an amazing week! xxoo



22 thoughts on “Chapters 370 & 371: October

  1. Winter. I love -30 where my beard freezes as I step outside. I feel like I’m traveling through the Misty Mountains.

    Ahahaha Government shut down. Hey, they’re being as effective as always!


  2. That’s a hard one. I love summer the best because of sun, relaxing in the garden to study and holidays. Autumn is a very close second with the beautiful colours and my plans to beat the previous years trick or treaters. I like Spring but I also like Winter; they tie. Spring for the flowers, Easter egg hunt and change in climate but Winter for the snow and open fires and of course Christmas. 🙂


  3. so here I am finally amidst a bunch of people who love autumn, the same way I do..I have always loved to see the summer sun shine brighter and the spring sprouting seeds and color all along.yet, Autumn and its pale yellowness is very special to me..


  4. I live in a tropical country. Technically, we only have two seasons: Rainy and dry. I don’t like rainy days, so I prefer the dry season. Around November-December here is lovely because the air is chilly and it isn’t so rainy or hot. 🙂


  5. My favourite season is summer. Because I love warm weather and long days. I also love things change in summers (like finish school, a job etc.). I just love summer 😀 But I like autumn, too. Because everything looks more colourful outside. And I love Halloween 😀


  6. Growing up on the east coast, autumn was always my favorite season by far. These days I’m a bit more fanatical about spring and summer, but that’s after a lot of years in Oregon where fall and winter equaled endless rain. So many months of rain without a break wears on a person after a while.


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