Chapters 335, 336, 337, 388, 339 & 340 : Week One

Happy Thursday!

As you can guess, I’m at college! Everything is unpacked (although not very organized), and I’ve already completed my first week of classes!

SO, because I didn’t post for about a week, I’m making sure this is a longer post!

Whenever you’re starting something new, whether it’s a new job, a new class, a new project, it’s always scary. Do you ever get that mix of excitement and nerves? It’s like a giant butterfly is fluttering inside your stomach, trying to get out. It’s not a pretty image to think about, but that’s what always comes to my mind when I think about nerves.

Some people aren’t scared of new things, in fact, they love them! Sometimes people are petrified to try new things, so much that they won’t try anything new at all! And some people are nervous about trying new things, but they buck up and try them anyway. 

I tend to think of myself in the last option, where I’m scared, but I try anyway. I feel like the more new things you try, the more things you might enjoy!

So, that’s the theme for this first week of college! I’m planning to try a few new things while I’m at school, and of course, you’ll be coming along with me!

How do you feel about new things?

Have an amazing weekend! xxoo

4 thoughts on “Chapters 335, 336, 337, 388, 339 & 340 : Week One

  1. The start of something new is always exciting, yet terrifying in my opinion too. Actually, I coined a term for it when I was in college: “syllabus paralysis.” Basically, being intimidated by the scope of what may lie ahead.

    But, you have to have courage to leap into the unknown–never stop learning!


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