Chapters 308, 309 310 & 311: Countdown

Happy Thursday!

A few months ago, I mentioned that in August, I’d be flying out to Chicago to attend the Lollapalooza Music Festival. And GUESS WHAT? I’ll be flying on this Friday for a lovely weekend with my dad in Chicago.

I’ve been waiting for this for months, so I’m super excited! However, I’ll be on a 6 AM flight, so that’s the only major downfall of this trip, but I guess I’ll drink some coffee and power through it!

So, what are you doing this weekend?

Have an awesome weekend! xxoo


6 thoughts on “Chapters 308, 309 310 & 311: Countdown

  1. Have a great time! I’ve never been to Lolla in my four years in Chicago, but hear that it’s a lot of fun.

    Hopefully there won’t be severe thunderstorms like there were last year!


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