Chapter 307: Space

Happy Sunday!

I’ve always loved stars. I mean the actual stars in the sky, not celebrities. The clear sky is a stunning picture of past places and future explorations. Stars are simple, pure things of light, new and old. Full of wild stories and beauty. They make up pictures for us to point and stare at. The pictures show the epic tales of heroes, of lovers, of life.

I also love space overall. The planets, perfectly lining up with the sun, each spinning at its’ own pace, taking its’ trip around the burning, fiery sun. And I still believe Pluto is a planet, and it always will be in my heart, because otherwise, a huge part of my childhood would be incorrect, and I just do not think I can accept that yet. Or ever.
And we as humans explore these places, wanting to know more, because we want to discover the unknown, the vast darkness. We fly rockets, spaceships and rovers from the Earth to try and explain what these planets and stars are, and we have a constant curiousity for what makes the planets and stars up, what makes them look and behave in the way that they do.

And sometimes, I wish I could look at the stars every night, because they are calming. Yet clouds and storms hide the stars from my eyes, and I rely on pictures to sate my hunger for the bright lights beaming down from the sky. But it’s never the same as seeing the real things in the dark, stunning sky.







So, how do you feel about space?

Have an amazing week! xxoo


25 thoughts on “Chapter 307: Space

  1. I LOVE the third picture! It is totally amazing! i love space, too! I live out in the country and many nites you will find me sitting out in the open spaces, with my chair leaned back, looking up! One time some years ago, I saw a real UFO. It was one of those bright round balls, way too big to be that far away, and all of a sudden it just shot straight up a little bit and then right over a cloud and disappeared. I knew then it was a UFO as my dad was a pilot, so I’ve always heard and learned a lot about flying. No planes I know of could have done that manuever! The stars have always held fascination for me. I’m so glad you love them too. You probably already know but any book by Carl Sagan is worth the time to read. He was a really cool man and I used to correspond with him at Cornell University up in New York. His greatest wish was that the gov’t would give permission for NASA to go to Mars. He must be very happy now! The whole world, in fact, the whole universe is at your feet, young lady. I hope that you continue your love of space and do something really amazing in your career! Good luck, and keep writing! You have a great talent for it! Very inspiring post!


    1. Wow, that’s amazing! I live in the suburbs, so the stars are out almost every night, which is awesome! And I don’t think I’ve read any of Carl Sagan’s books, but I’ll definitely check them out! And thank you so much 😀 xxoo


  2. I love space too and sometimes try to find the constellations. Back in elementary school we had a planetarium where a teacher would give presentations about space. Not sure if you’ve ever been to a planetarium but when you sit inside them and look up, it looks exactly like space.

    Ever been to the National Air and Space Museum? It’s great!


    1. That’s awesome! I’ve been meaning to visit my local planetarium, hopefully I will soon! That sounds like an awesome field trip 🙂

      I haven’t been to the National Air and Space Museum, but it’s on a list of places I want to visit someday! xxoo


  3. One thing I love doing on clear nights is looking at the stars, but sometimes its scary thinking about how tiny and insignificant we are when compared to how big the universe is.

    If you ever get the chance you should read The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, I did an essay on it while I was at school. Its all about the first test pilots that went into space and what gave them the “right stuff” to do such a dangerous job.


  4. Hi there!
    Thanks for liking some of my posts, you’re fab!
    Now, on the subject of this post, I love looking at the stars. My mother and I have spent countless times looking up and admiring the sky…ahh…
    I loved the pictures! Number three was beautiful!
    I came across this gorgeous picture the other day, so when I read your post, I was smiling 😉


  5. Space is such an amazing places, so romantic, yet desolate and cold, Wondrous yet unforgiving. Your words make me happy…I am off to search engine images to find some more wondrous and beguiling photos.


  6. Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut, I had a bit of an obsession with the sky. I wanted to explore its end, questioning if the sky is really blue, and if not whats beyond it, you know. a visit to the planetarium further ignited my love for space. all those years later, i still find comfort in staring at nothing as my mom would put it.great post.


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