Chapter 276: Challenges & Insert A Witty Title Here

Happy Thursday!

I’m honestly beginning to resent the titles I’ve used for the past 26 posts or so…they’re repetitive and boring, and I’ve grown quite sick of them. I still love the challenges though, so I don’t resent them, just my own laziness to come up with witty titles. 

Anyway, onto the challenges (*insert fanfare here*)

First up, the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, of which today is Day 27! Man, only three more days to go. 


The challenge is (*drumroll*): “Post Your Favorite Recipe”

Holy guacamole, I have so many! I can’t pick just one.

Um, first up are my Mom’s recipes for Chicken Soup and Peach Kugel (She makes them mainly for the Jewish holidays, and they’re amazing!). However, due to lack of digital copies/family secrets, I’ll be keeping them a secret for now. But trust me, they’re delicious.

But here’s one recipe I will share! I’ve never actually tried it, but I’ve been meaning to! It looks amazing, and quick. It is….MICROWAVE BROWNIES!


It looks extremely yummy, and I can’t wait to test it! 

Day 27 is now Completed!

Next up is the New CHallenge, of which it is the near end. Today is Day Nine, so it’s at the end now!

The challenge is (*more drumrolling*): If you had the choice between the last names Butts and Pecker what would you take?

The inner 12-year old just giggled reading this. With my name being Samantha, I’d probably choose Pecker. It’s not too terrible of a last name, I guess. Samantha Pecker…not too bad! Much better than Samantha Butts (I just giggled again writing that)

So, Day Nine is Completed! 

What’s your favorite recipe? 

Have a great week! xxoo


10 thoughts on “Chapter 276: Challenges & Insert A Witty Title Here

  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by Beyond The Hourglass Bridge and liking my post. Good luck on a massive undertaking you’re doing here (and yes I’m going to have to try that cake!)

    Katherine Amabel


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