Chapter 275: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 26 & New Challenge, Day 8

Happy Wednesday (or Humpday, as it’s also called)

I feel like for the past few posts, that my titles have been exactly the same, except with number changing. It’s annoying really, because I feel like I’m boring you all. If I am boring you with these posts, please let me know! I’m almost done, don’t worry.

Only four more days to go for the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, so I’m in the final stretch!



Today’s challenge is: “An Old Photo Of You”

Wow, this is a pretty easy challenge, I must say! I’ll post a photo when I was really little, around three or four years old.

Here it is:

Samantha at 3


I was blonde when I was little, but now I have brown hair. This was taken on my back deck, and I’m not sure what the date is. But isn’t my bikini cute? πŸ˜›

So, Day 26 is Completed!

Onto the New Challenge, of which I only have two days left! Wow, the days flew by.

The challenge is:Β What is the most exciting place you have visited? Do you have a photo?

Wow, I guess I’ll be sharing a lot of photos today!

So far, the most exciting place I’ve visited is London, England. I went when I was 13, and it was an amazing trip, I had so much fun going there, and I can’t wait to go back one day!

And a photo: I don’t actually have one, at least, not a digital copy that I can share with you. Sorry about that!

Day 8 is Completed!

So, what is the most exciting place you have visited?

Hope you have a great week! xxoo



20 thoughts on “Chapter 275: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 26 & New Challenge, Day 8

  1. Johnny Ojanpera

    This isn’t boring, but I feel like you are sharing so much with no way for us to reciprocate. You would have to read 200 of my blogs to get half the info you have shared. That would be so boring. My all time favorite place is Costa Rica. πŸ™‚


  2. With the titles of your posts, it’s almost like you have too much indexing going on right now: the chapter number (which should definitely stay), but then rather than numbering the blog challenge days, instead make a brief, witty title name that has to do with the topic of the day.

    On my blog, with the “post-a-day” challenge with M.A.P.L.E. or O.C.T.O.B.E.R. have titles of the form “(Acronym) (Roman numeral): (Insert title here).”

    Just a small suggestion that you can feel free to consider or discard as you choose. πŸ™‚


    1. Excellent ideas, thank you so much for sharing them! With the exceptions of Challenge and Award posts, I usually try to write witty title names πŸ™‚ The reason I number them is so I don’t forget when I’ve posted. For now, I think I’ll keep things the same, because the challenges are almost completed, so I don’t really mind!

      xxoo πŸ˜€


  3. I do not find these posts boring at all, I check my reader every morning to find a new post from you and I enjoy it! The most exciting place I have ever been to must be Hong Kong. I loved every bit of it and it changed my life completely, just because of that culture I know what I want to do with my life! ^^


  4. Ah…nowhere. I’ve had a relatively boring life. Basic training in Georgia, one annual training period in the winter in upper NY state (because NJ, Delaware and Virginia are practically on my doorstep so they don’t count), and a short trip to Florida. That’s about it. I even missed a chance to spend a day in Canada because I was sick. 😦


  5. This posts aren’t boring, I like them very much. I started with the 31 day blog challenge but I stopped because I haven’t time. I spend my day sleeping, working, and drinking with my friends … most of the days is without drinking, only sleeping and working.


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