Chapter 273: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 24 & New Challenge, Day 6

Happy Monday!

Today I’ll beging with the 31-Day Blogging Challenge. Today is Day 24, which means there’s only six more days until the challenge is completed!


Today’s challenge is: “Your Favorite Childhood Book”

“Green Eggs And Ham” by Dr. Seuss. It’s one of the first books my parents read to me, and even today, I love the book! It was also my favorite because one of the characters is named Sam, which is my nickname 🙂

So, Day 24 Completed!

Onto the New Challenge! Today is Day 6, which means there are only four more days until the end!

Today challenge is: What motivates you? What truly inspires you to physically push forward and work harder? Is it a movie, book, person, or quote?

A lot of things! My family, my friends, reading, writing, shows, movies, random things! I know that’s not very specific, but I’m very tired and unable to think properly at the moment. Please forgive me 😛

So, Day 6 is Completed!

What your favorite childhood book?

Hope you have a great week! xxoo

22 thoughts on “Chapter 273: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 24 & New Challenge, Day 6

  1. My favorite childhood book was Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book by Shel Silverstein. It’s not really a children’s book, but my older brothers read it to me, and it’s very sarcastic. I also liked Green Eggs and Ham, but you took that one already.


  2. My favourite childhood books have to be “Pippi Longstocking” by Astrid Lindgren and “The Wizard of the Emerald City” series/sequel by Alexander Volkov. I just love these books and have re-read them so many time that I still can remember the story-lines and characters today. 🙂


  3. What an awesome question to throw out there…although not my favourite, a book called Smugglers Cove by (I believe) Pat Coleman. It comes to mind as I never see it anywhere ever and that makes me sad. Never read any Seuss, I need to start.


  4. Dr. Seuss books are lots of fun to read aloud. Mo Willems’ books are lots of fun too–“Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” is the first one we found.

    Richard Scarry’s books are still great to look at.

    I loved “From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” when I was a little older.


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