Chapter 268: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 19 & New Challenge

Happy Wednesday!

As I continue to participate in the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, I’m also planning to start a challenge created by the awesome blogger An Opinionated Man! He created 10 questions that I plan to attempt!

But first up, the 31 Day Blogging Challenge! Day 19’s Challenge is: “What Do You Collect?”


I collect Swarovski crystals, candles, music, and books!

Only a few things, but I enjoy collecting them 🙂

And now, onto the new challenge! I’ll call this Day 1.

So the “Day 1” challenge is: Write a love poem and stop in the middle. Change the mood of the poem and see how it ends.

Well, I’ll try my best, it’ll be a short poem though!

I Love You Random Model

I love the way your eyes shine in the daylight

I love the way your hair falls over your shoulders

I love the way you smile and the sound of your laughter

If I actually knew what your laughter sounded like, considering the fact that you are just a random picture of a model I found one day in a fashion magazine. It was lying in the street, its’ pages soaked by rain.

I love the way you stare up at me from your glossy pages, looking like you’re having so much fun in your stunning clothes and showing off your toned body and flawless facial features.

But I guess you’re still beautiful to me, random model. Even though you’re from 1988.

Whew, that was interesting, and really fun! If you need a link to all of the new challenge questions, they’re here

So, what do you collect?

Have a great week! xxoo

8 thoughts on “Chapter 268: 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 19 & New Challenge

  1. angelgal3176

    That was different. In a way I kind of feel the mood is the same, but I like how at first it feels like you’re talking to someone up close and personal, and then you find out it’s someone in a magazine….nice chuckle at least!

    There’s a 30 day writing challenge that I started with my knit, crochet and tarot ones that I decided not to anymore because that writing’s going through other channels. But if you want to look into it, feel free. 🙂 (it’s on my blog)


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