Chapter 232: Driving

Happy Wednesday! 

When you’re 16, getting your Drivers’ License is exciting and important. As you get older, maybe the novelty of driving wears off…driving to school, being stuck in traffic, taking your children from place to place, gas prices etc. But there are still times where you’re driving, and you remember how liberating and fun it is. It’s fun to drive around blasting music and letting the stress fade away. Driving allows you to travel to new places, or go back to familiar areas and reminisce about the memories you have there. 

Driving is something a lot of people take for granted, but remember when you first received your Drivers’ License…you probably felt excited, scared, and powerful. Sometimes we forget that driving is something that at one point in our lives, it was a new and foreign experience to us. But it’s still an amazing thing, no matter how old you are.

So, where do you like to drive? Personally, I love taking road trips, driving to the beach, or driving home from college.

Hope you have a great week!  

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 232: Driving

  1. Due to finances I have been car-less since October. I have had to manage my kids’ routine, transporting to and from school and university and dealing with mulptile small grocery trips a week vs one large every two weeks. Lemme tell you, I can’t WAIT til my car is back to be road worthy!!


  2. I love driving through downtown Austin right after everyone gets off work. All of the “interesting” people in Austin are out showing off their colors like peacocks, and it’s simply a blast.


  3. I was excited when I got my driver’s license too many years ago to count. Now I don’t care to drive very much any more. When I was working at want point I drove 164 miles a day, 82 miles to work and 82 miles back home. Then I got a little closer by driving 100 miles a day. I’m happy to keep my car parked. Thanks for dropping in and the like of my post “Green and White with Speckles”.


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