Chapter 202: Life In A Library

Happy Wednesday!

As a college student, you tend to spend time in the library (some more than others). It’s a (usually) quiet place to sit and do work or study. However, during final exams, the library turns into a chaotic mass of stressed students vying for a seat in order to get some peace and solitude. 

It’s a crazy thing, but I guess in college, libraries aren’t just for checking out books anymore, there a place to socialize, to laugh, to study, and sometimes, even sleep. 

Hope you all have a great week!

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 202: Life In A Library

  1. What’s really ridiculous are the students who go to libraries to make out. If only they would share the same passion for the books! Congratulations on using the library for the “right” reasons. 🙂


  2. I went to the University of Chicago. They had the most amazing comfy chairs… big so you could curl up in them. I used to sleep there often, and I definitely wasn’t the only one. Best of luck in your studies, and thanks for dropping by my blog.


  3. I used to stay late at the library, as late as I could, after most of the chatters had left, and really get a lot done at that time. I was at Gonzaga U. in Spokane, where there were security guards to walk you back to your dorm room, which was a bonus!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck getting work done at your library.


  4. embrystical

    Hope I can try something like that at my new school – I’m starting S1 in August. But my friend is moving to go to a private school in England, so I probably be busy fretting about her!!! Zzzz…!


  5. MikeW

    I remember trying to find that perfect spot to study. I think it’s easier to find a good situation if you’re enthused about the work, start early in the morning, and are psyched up for a solid learning day.

    I looked for specialty libraries at times, or civic institutions with bookstores or libraries open to the public, whether museum, science museum, natural history, or even old bookstores with desks to read at. I might even buy a book or two to earn my space, and look for one near a coffee joint.


    1. I found my “spot” when I was at school, and I’m hoping it’ll still be there when I return! Just in case though, I have a backup spot 😛

      And it sounds like you’re having an amazing time finding spots, lots of adventures happening 🙂 xxoo


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