Chapters 198 & 199: Festival Fun

Happy Sunday!

Today, a few of my friends and I celebrated the Indian festival of Holi, which is also known as the “festival of colors”. We got to throw colored power at each other, and by the time we finished, we were multicolored from head to toe. It was a really interesting an exciting experience, and it was a great way to de-stress and hang out with friends.

What are some of your favorite festivals that you like to attend? 

Hope you all have a great week!

Image xxoo

2 thoughts on “Chapters 198 & 199: Festival Fun

  1. Awesome photo. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My home town used to have a festival in the community park, with cotton candy and those portable rides. I used to think it was the greatest thing ever.


    1. Thanks! It’s not a photo I took, but I loved the colors! Home town fairs are amazing, and going to them every year was a huge part of my childhood. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog, and for sharing your story! xxoo


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