Chapter 110: Assertive

Happy Sunday!

I’m not an assertive person at all, in fact, I’m one of the least assertive people that I know! Until now that is. I don’t know what clicked in my brain, but I feel like I can take on the world instead of continuing to be its’ doormat. This is new for me, so I think I’ll be taking baby steps just in case something goes wrong. 

I’m really hoping nothing will though, because that would be pretty sucky. 


2 thoughts on “Chapter 110: Assertive

  1. darkmatter42

    Nice blog and wow do I know that feeling. Or at least I think I do. In my (limited) experience though I’ve found that stuff always goes wrong. Always; and then I would retreat back inside like a little mouse.

    I’m trying something new now which is to pretend that I’m strong enough to handle anything that might go wrong.

    Dare yourself to fail hard. In my case it was the fear the bad thing (real or imagined) that was stopping me from trying and when the bad things happened they weren’t nearly as awkward of painful as I had spent all that time imagining.

    Totally respect the sentiment though. Good luck with your trial. Your quote reminds me of something I read recently “Just because you can’t imagine your future doesn’t mean you don’t have one.”


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been less of a “mouse” this semester, or at least I’m trying to be! I want to try to explore and learn as much as possible, because even if I retreat back into my room, I’ll know that I didn’t just waste my life away sitting on my bed in front of the computer. 🙂


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