Chapter 102: I Already Miss Home…Even Though I Haven’t Left Yet

Happy Saturday!

As I’ve been talking about for days, I will be going back to college tomorrow after being home for break. I’m almost completely packed and ready to go, but I already miss my family and the feeling of coming home. I’m going to miss not having to pay to do laundry, or having my own (very comfy) bed, not being to wake up late and not having to do work. But the thing I’m going to miss the most from home? Not having to wear shoes in the shower. I really dislike having to do it at school, so when I take my shower before I go, I plan to dance around barefoot as a reminder of what it was like.

Although, I am looking forward to heading back to school, although mainly because I miss my friends…and even though I won’t be under the same roof as them, I’ll still call my family almost every day.



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